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Stewart Homes has been in operation for 35 years during which time it has gained the reputation of being one of the very best providers of live-in care for challenged and fragile young individuals in Ontario.


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Please complete and submit this form if you would like to follow your child in our care from your home or office. This will give you secure access to reports on your child's progress while in our care. If you are an agency case worker with more than one child in our care, one request will give you secure access to them all.

For this access you will need a computer or tablet with a high speed connection to the internet and an internet browser. The best browser for this is MS Internet Explorer as our Visitor Site is based on SharePoint Services, a Microsoft product. You may also use Thunderbird, Chrome or Safari but results may be less than satisfactory and some pages distorted.

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Please read and click to confirm below. Note that Stewart Homes will cross-confirm each applicant's access rights with the appropriate case management agency.

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