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Our Consulting Physician, Dr. Mark Siegel, visits each home every week to see residents, consult with staff and meet parents who would like to discuss their child’s medical and care issues.


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A number of people have already told us what they think . . .

Here's what parents and workers have recently said:

“Fantastic, upbeat, friendly professional staff with a HUGE heart for these special children.” “Thank you for the exceptional care provided for my son. The commitment of Lori and her team during a particularly difficult time last year saw incredible positive medical changes in his condition and well being.  Lori and her team are dedicated and advocate for each resident as if they were their own children.  It is great comfort to my family and I that my son is so well taken care of, not just physically, but socially.”

“We are privileged to have such a home to house our most challenged clients and know they have such a quality of care that is rare for this population of children.”